LightSolar CI

Durable and cost-effective commercial panels.

A highly durable system. Reduce your long-term costs with the LightSolar RII technology.
Our newest generation of flexible thin film solar modules offer higher efficiency, up to 15%, easy installation, and provide a range of 100 to 315 Watts. LightSolar CI modules produce up to 4.5% higher energy yield than polycrystalline silicon systems, especially in hot, overcast or low light environments, and at higher latitudes.
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Typically replies in a day

Welcome to the agent chat.

Est-ce les panneaux sont  disponibles en France?

English translation:

Are the panels available in France?

Yes we do ship the panels to France or you can find them at Solutions Solaire

French Response:

Oui oui on peut expédier les panneaux en france. Ils sont également disponibles chez Solutions Solaires.


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