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LightSolar CI

Durable and cost-effective commercial panels.

LightSolar RI

Our most amazing product - perfect for home rooftop systems. Panels can generate high amounts of energy even when space is limited.

LightSolar CII

New and efficient commercial panels.


With $0 down solar financing, you can start saving with little to no upfront costs.Take advantage of federal tax credits with a purchase.

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Our turnkey microgrids combine renewable energy and storage to provide communities with clean, resilient and affordable power. Realize long term savings by reducing expensive diesel and utility costs and eliminate interruptions from blackouts.

Typically replies in a day

Welcome to the agent chat.

Est-ce les panneaux sont  disponibles en France?

English translation:

Are the panels available in France?

Yes we do ship the panels to France or you can find them at Solutions Solaire

French Response:

Oui oui on peut expédier les panneaux en france. Ils sont également disponibles chez Solutions Solaires.


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